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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Sector Experience

37 Transactions Across the World

Total Transaction Value of $6.4 Billion

Total Value of Alternative Energy Deals: $6. 4  Billion
Total Number of Alternative Energy Deals: 37

Selected Case Studies

Cerro de Hula Wind Project, Honduras, 2010, $158 Million Finance for $290 Million Project

The largest wind farm in Central America and the first utility-scale wind power project in Honduras, the Cerro de Hula financing overcame challenges including a political coup at the time of loan application to process and a change in project contractors just before final commitment.  The innovative financing structure, the first-ever participation between the Export-Import Bank and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration managed completion, wind, political, and other risks on reasonable commercial terms and that helped the project achieve affordable annual costs  one of Central America’spoorest countries.

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Abengoa Solana CSP Project, Arizona, US, 2010 $1.45 billion finance for a 2.1 billion project

Solana is the largest parabolic trough plant in the world, a 280 MW gross installation with six hours of thermal storage.   Solana is the first commercial plant in the United States to deploy this new molten-salt thermal energy storage.  Given the high technical and construction risk, the project structure and the sponsor’s ambitious investment strategy spanning across its business units, the financing structure mitigated these risks and later included a tax equity sell down and the securitization of the asset to Atlantica Yield.


Nuclear Power

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